Figuring Out It's Love

Have you ever woken up, looked at yourself in the mirror
and asked yourself these questions?
Who am I? how did I get here? Or even had that far away stare in
your eyes?
And your mind going 90 to nothing?
Playing games with yourself, like: only if? Or what if? Should I? Could I?
Oh yeah, and the all familiar favorites: what am I doing?
Or this can't be happening
and then you say, how is this even possible?
Can you tell yourself, "I ain't nobody?"
then try to walk away and forget?
But, just then at that very moment,
your thoughts are consumed by an overwhelming feeling,
that you have been here before.
(Deja vu) your heart is racing so fast, you're terrified but,
you're not really scared--dizzy; you can't catch your breath;
your world spinning out of control,
you want like hell to stop but you don't know how.
At the same time, you can't wipe that smile off your face.
You want to breathe it all in but, not exhale, in fear,
that you will never feel that way again?
So you hold it in as if you are fighting for your only existence.
Yet you realize that this is real;
you had finally put your finger on what it truly is.
Might not be first choice, might not be the best,
and in return, you are all the above;
you found my soul,
my love.

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