Oh, my tears, they fall down like rain,
When I see so many of my sons have gone down the drain,
And daughters too they could have been,
Only they were born unseen.
The world outside is full of temptations,
Which fill me with devilish intent,
The lust of nameless bodies distracts the mind,
And I caress the conjured satin smoothness,
The rush of blood makes me taut,
But I am relentless in my pursuits,
Again and again and again, the mind strikes,
The unknown bodies with hands, mouth and tongue,
Till the body can take it no further,
God takes care of things and I am pacified;
Perhaps, a little tired too…
For birth, however insignificant has its pangs.
I think no further, I move on,
Somnolent I lie down on the bed.
But somewhere the conscience strikes,
Am I a progenitor or a mass murderer?
Though I know nature has its canny ways
By myself, I am incomplete
I need the significant other to be a creator,
So I weep, sad as I am …
Over the dead bodies of my descendants,
Filicidal laments about the unborn!

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