Final Chapter

Look mister I see you watching all my posts
Have me out here doing the most
I wouldnt bother engaging because you probably gone ghost
I am not even tired of this foolishness and nonsense
Because I honestly have been distant
I realize I deserve better than a man who is completely resistant
To change, only his complacency is consistent
I look at my friend who taught me how to love
I look at the heavenly father from above
Stalking my posts I don't know what that will solve
But I know whatever we didn't have is done
Finished, resolved, and is no longer fun
Whatever you have to say forget it is null
I am not even angry, mad or confused
I know now what to do with you
My conscious is clear so it is up to you to choose
You can say goodbye to me or fight for me
It will not matter as that chapter is complete
Not complete but completed, you see
I will not weep, I will not moan
Even though it seems right now I am forever alone
But hey thanks for not hiding as all your lies has been shown

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