Final Goodbye

Sandy Doe
I told you so
You gave your heart away
As I cautiously screamed “NO!”

Desperately seeking Sandy
How do you feel? Hard to believe this new crazy confusing life
Is completely real

An abandoned soul
For the very first time she has no owner
Even the man who claims to adore her
He too, he has disowned her

Left to protect a heart so pure
Raging from the neglect
The flashbacks decaying her mind of those things that made her impure

A polluted virgin that the world created
Every touch every thrust
Her soul more and more faded

A fallen angel whose wings were torn
It’s not a surprise
That she has wished that she were never born

Now a full-blown human
No wings, no crown
She Sees A completely empty space
As she looks all around

Still she gives into imagination
And she spreads her “wings”
That little child in her still has faith
Yes she still believes in those immature things

Expert in crash landings
She prepares for another one
The grown-up in her is not as naïve
She knows what she’s in for

Still she sits back and lets her little one dream
she has never been able to let her go
You wouldn’t either if you heard her SOS screams

She stands there neutral as she hears her heart and mind fight it out
She belongs to both
She cries as she stands in the crowd

That same place where everyone sits front row
As she puts on a show
That makes everyone laugh point And cheer
As long as she’s on stage their bullshit doesn’t display on the screen so clear

Nonprofit X-rated entertainment
Don’t change the channel
There is a surprise twist every minute

Rated #1 infamous actress
Would you like me to autograph your skin?
Penetrate all eight layers
To make sure I’m permanently in?

Mystery, documentary, Sci-fi or horror?
Most watched show
I’m on every hour

Feeling exhausted
I’m starting to fade
Soon it will be time for me to grab her little hand
And again go away

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