Zora if your thoughts are right into me about me you say to see vision. Then the moon will see in deeper course the source exalt dark passion of lust cursed. They are surely robbed been wood stood up that I do not trust if must you, your infant thoughts belief. The cut through the flesh of souls my soul wages to keep Galdarahl that is mine.

It is here divine write I neat to black a rhyme or script to death the reason speaks beneath skin. That is this thrift store in a tilt to no care of streets the real as I can be. It is on an earthly dense this thirst fondling up skirts. That has not been quenched my work shirt is dirty. It is thin the malice how could she her name Kraine be callous mint cold? For the torcher I see in sudden waste deals.

I treat the world a challenge come it anyone deceased in my way for screams that hurt; unbalanced cream between sheets elite get it? In this deposition of self-worth to escape birth. From the cursed inserted common tweaks not one can complete in a well out long thought plan. I created the least last with provision of dead men lying at my feet. They are worshipping the bat at every corner.

They will to raise against the wild he as a loner when deserted in meat mantle under the earth to the core. This is the common with sense near genius the hint highly intense the favor of justice. It was made of something less with a mind him greater than any is person comparison but without undefined points to unique the urban beat.

It just keeps turning these pages away only to deep to write escape very voice free in the merry that it not exist in why meant. For the twist of the nitwits so did not quick flinch to erase lyrics in bliss.

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Their is no known description.