Final Wishes

My parents brought me into the world,
Treasuring me as if I was a very precious, rare pearl.
You both support and believe in all I do,
You both know you didn’t raise no fool.

My best friends since the beginning of time,
life with both of them has been perfect and just fine.
Growing up seemed to happen so fast,
Made tons of memories from the past.

They taught me everything I needed to know,
Except how to say goodbye when it’s their time to go.
I’ve never lived one day without you,
My heart would be broken, empty and wishing for one more day with you.

Praying I have always made you both proud,
Even though, I have always been the crazy one in the crowd.
You told me all of your end of life wishes,
I promise you to complete them and pull up my big girl britches.

The hardest conversation I’ve ever had to have,
the thought of you leaving this earth just makes me empty and sad.
The music you hand picked, I’ll cherish in my heart where they belong,
Forever burnt in my memory... every single song.

You tell me how much you cherish and love me,
And will even after your gone,
You tell me not cry, be tough, and to please try to stay strong.
But imagining life without you is my worst fear.
My life won’t be the same with you not near.

You know where you’re going when your soul leaves this earth,
Living in eternity on God’s turf.
I’m thrilled to know eventually we will meet again,
The Lord promises eternity for all who believe and trust in Him.

I will take care of you until your passing day,
Promising to carry out your final wishes you have already made.
I would give anything just to have you stay,
I’m not ready for you to go just yet, can you please wait if you may.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a conversation between my mother and I. The hardest I've ever had, but something that had to be known. My mother gave me her wishes to be met when she passes away. She even picked the songs that will be played when she"s laid to rest. Along with all the information I will need.