Finally At Peace~Moving On

As I look out of the window to see the wind blowing the winters naked trees, I begin to think of the days you were lacing your combat boots and heading to work.

I begin to think, what if he never comes back? What if my life was meant to be alone until my bones are buried in the cold soil? But then again I could never have considered having a life if I had never met you.

The sky is finally breaking up from the dark clouds to white fluffy cotton and blue skies, maybe this is the life I speak of… then again you are not home.

The children are about to come home from school, the innocence voices begin to tell me how their day went. Their faces full of excitement, sadness, and hopefulness.

I try to find the words to soothe their thoughts... then I realize you are not home to help me put smiles back on their faces.

After snack time, homework and supper, the children are finally whining down from their excitement of today. The daily routine of hugs and kisses before heading to bed; the house is silent again.

Locking all the doors I look through the window again to see darkness with a glimpse of light from the street lamps.

I am alone again; your combat boots are not here…all your uniforms that were once neatly pressed are all gone.

Our pictures are hanging on the wall full of memories... But you are not home to see my expression when I look at them.

After a few moments, I hear the phone ring…for a slight second, I thought it may be you...It wasn't you; I'll never hear the gentle voice, "I love you baby"; oh what a sweet sound it was.

I realize I am not alone; you are home, in my heart and always in our lives. You may not be home to see what I see but I know you have our hearts.

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