Finally Free

You say that you are sorry,
And that you love me but Boy,I'm taking a stand and breaking free!
You say that you didn't mean it
And it won't happen again but
Boy,you are nothing
but a Ball And Chain
Holding me Back like an Ankle Sprain!
I'm leaving you like a Bloodstain
on an Old Ratty Rag!
You better pay close attention
Boy,so you can comprehend
what I'm saying.
I've been doing a lot of
self reflection to get
going in the right direction.
God is Salvation and
the Realization that
No Woman can be Owned
like a Possession!
You are forgiven Boy,
but you can't make amends.
So this is my Farewell Boy,
I don't want to hear your complains
about the jail
that you've made! My one and only
regret Boy,is that the past
cant be undone! At least the
memory of you will start to fade
as we go our a separate ways!

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