Finally Happy...

I was dancing around the room, my music drowned out all the other noise.
No chatter, no desks scrapping the ground,
No teachers voice.
Just my music.

Suddenly there is someone right behind me, moving their body with mine.
I look back to see it's Him. A prodigy in dance, like me. His big hazel eyes were sparkling as his body moved with mine. His hair was pulled back, and his glasses shimmered, reflecting the fluorescent lights that buzzed above us.
I smiled as the song came to an end, but he kept my body close to his. I followed his movements.
I eventually pull away a little bit, stopping to take a breath and get some water.
He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him.

I've been so sad, and he made me so happy.
His cologne is my favorite scent.
His eyes are the most beautiful color.

Suddenly his lips cram against mine, and I melt into him.
His tongue explores my mouth, and tangles with mine.
His hand is on the back of my head, and I feel him press against me.

Finally happy.....I'm finally happy.....

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I have a crush on a kid at my school, and I hope that one day he admits the feeling is the same.