Find the Light

As I sit I wonder
Why couldn't things be different
Why do you frown upon the girl who used to have your heart
I still have the memories and the pain you caused
It hurts, but without this pain I wouldn't have learned
I'd still be crawling instead of walking and hating instead of loving
I may not be able to love again, but I do not regret a thing
Maybe I can learn
Maybe someone can teach me like you did
Or maybe they will break me like you
Since you I've been like an infant
Just starting to crawl
I have lost everything
Since you I've changed
I lost my relationship with my mother
And my father's trust
But most of all I lost myself
I was innocent and pure
Now the heavens frown upon me and I'm closer to darkness
So I sit here crying about the past, and then came an angel
All I see is light, he took me to a place of unconditional love
And now that I'm back, I'm going change my ways
I must
I need learn to trust
And I will

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