Finding a Home

A single star does not compare to a hundred constellations,
but that does not mean it cannot be your favorite.
You are allowed to prefer a simple daisy over a bouquet of red roses.
There's nothing wrong with always painting you nails the same color,
or wearing the same pair of underwear every Wednesday.
Repetition can be comforting.
Find someone who feels like the house you've always lived in.
Stay home on Friday nights. Find peace. But remember,
homes can be picked up in the midst of a tornado,
and the next thing you know,
you're being told to "Follow the yellow brick road."
You'll face any obstacle necessary,
anything to get back to your safe place.
You'll risk your life to get back to the home you "love",
just because it's all you know.
Do not think that just because the place you've grown in is gone,
that you cannot find a new place to reside.
A house that feels like home is hard to come by.
You may have to spend time in a terrible apartment,
on the shady side of town, but who knows,
maybe you'll get onto a bus going a different route than usual,
and on that bus ride, you'll see the greatest house you've ever seen.
You never know whats waiting around the corner.
You never know where you'll find a place that feels just like home.
People are a lot like houses.

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