Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces

By bgmfb00   

Peace, love, and confidence—
three components most people lack.
In a world so full of misjudgement . . .
what else would you expect?

Society today can be such a burden to hold—
phrases like "you're too fat" or "you're too skinny" often ring throughout my head,
indicating that I, myself, hate the reflection in the mirror staring back at me.
But do not worry, I don't always feel this way.

Yes, life can be quite complicated—
medications must be taken daily in order to function well and properly.
Though this isn't necessarily a bad thing, nor something to be ashamed of . . .
tiny objects can provide such enormous and positive effects!

Therefore happiness can be present—
money, materials, and social status
do not matter to me!
Such silly things cannot truly benefit a person from beneath.

Self-acceptance and self respect are so much more important—
it's all about how we, as individuals, percieve those around us.
Struggling with problems like these can sometimes get hard,
but with love, faith and belief, we can overcome anything at all.

Surround yourself with the people you deeply admire,
and seek what is beautiful, even in the darkest places.
You may be surprised at what you may find,
but in the end, you'll eventually succeed and bring yourself much peace.

— Bailey Butler

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This Poems Story

This poem was an assignment I had to do for my English class, so I chose an interesting topic to write about---self confidence/society.