Finding Beauty

Staring into the stars shining above,
Can't you see everything was made with love.
The world is a beautiful place,
A masterpiece that was carefully made,
Like pieces of a marvelous puzzle,
All gently and neatly laid.
The ocean and seas separate the countries,
They divide the land.
Its amazing to see how beautiful and magnificent,
Everything was planned.
Every lake and stream and winding brook,
They are all perfectly placed around the world,
All we have to do is give it a look.
The majestic mountains and rolling hills,
All across the nations,
They are all beautiful creations.
No matter where you look above you,
In the sky,
Even looking down below beauty will catch your eye.
Finding beauty in the world made so perfect,
For us to live and enjoy every day,
Seeing something we find beautiful,
Should be inspiring our hearts and minds in every way.
So open your eyes take a second look around,
I bet you if you do something beautiful will be found.

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