Finding Faith

Have you ever felt like running away?
Whether you don't like your home or friends seem to stray.
Wondering why you deserve this, what did you do?
You were always told be yourself and they'll like you for you.
Yet somehow you always seemed to be alone.
So you stayed hidden inside a wonderland thinking how could this be?
When all you ever wanted was that one fairy tale dream.
To want a person who loves you in good times and bad.
One who never betrays you no matter what obstacles stand.
See, God has a plan for each one of us all.
So when you feel your knees getting weak, just give him a call.
To take away the pain, and to dry all of your tears.
You may not have known it, but He's been with you all your years.
Like a loving father He's only wanted the best.
Putting you through obstacles in which He knows you shall surpass.
The loving of someone and the unfortunate letting go.
Is what in turn shapes our hearts into one loving soul.
So always give your heart and always stay true.
For you are unique and special just the way God has made you.
We have all suffered heartache and pain with no ease.
But as long as you have encouraging thoughts you too shall succeed.
You must continue to pick your head up and unbury it from the dirt.
Stand proud knowing that one day your purpose will be served.

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