Finding Myself

Lately I've been lost in my emotions,
I feel as if I'm drowning in the middle of the ocean,
Don't know what has become of me, that I'm trying to figure out,
But when I do, I'll stand up without any doubt,

It's hard to process the emotions I am feeling,
My heart can't take it anymore, I feel as if it's peeling,
I don't know what to do the feeling is too strong,
All my heart ever does is beat all day long,

I try to overcome it but something keeps pulling me back,
I feel like I'm about to have an anxiety attack,
I know, I'm lost, I'm trying hard to find my way,
Back to the girl that was happy every single day,

I haven't fell content in a very long time,
The wall of happiness seems like a very long climb,
I have to get out of this mentality it's not doing me any justice,
I don't want to think no more, I feel like I have a concussion,

Finding myself, it's the hardest thing to do,
But regardless, I'll break through,
All the pessimistic feelings that are in my mind,
I'll find myself, I don't want to stay undefined.

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