Finding “self”

What are you so afraid of?
Did you lose your soul to laymens?
Why can’t we all just prosper and give leighway?
What is the meaning of life “you mean jail cells”?
Maybe there's more to this than stress cells
Wonder if there's more than human lifespans
Maybe there's more on the other-side...

On the other side there's light and clear purpose
Guiding the views and minds of the senseless
Ghost trails, shadow shells of resentment
Within my fortress lays the feared serpent,
She only wanted us to gain world recollection
Only those with comprehension,
gather with high vibrations
Vibrations; un-selfish, senseful with erudition.

After experiencing true life,
souls return to gaia the mother vessel
Before we return, live to your fullest potential
Spread joy and happiness:
to those with low vibrations and no directions
Live and love freely, not to one, all directions
You are ‘one’ and ‘just’ as mother made you
You are ‘one’ and you have all the answers
So… what are you so afraid of?
True-self is within you, she never forsakes you.

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