Finding You

Summer night, a starlit sky,
a hidden treasure yet to find.
Into the place of stone and sand,
he searched for her in this strange land.

A dream that he could not forget;
this girl, he knew, but had never met.
To find her and at last be whole:
this was his life's most desired goal.

So he walked for many miles through
the desert on his way to you,
the girl he'd dreamt of in the past,
to find something he knew would last.

Hottest days, darkest night,
an owl's silent wings in mystic flight.
The desert spoke in riddled song:
For now, this is where he belonged.

He would never find her here,
he was in this place to make things clear.
When he'd finally found a sort of peace,
he felt a pull from the East.

So through the heat, he carried his pack,
knowing he was on the right track.
The Dream had always led him here,
and he could feel the time was near.

Of course, he doubted his sanity,
but deep down, he knew it was meant to be.
He conceded to make growth his quest
and let destiny do the rest.

"To the East!", he said, once he was in his way;
In his soul, he knew there'd come a day
after he became the man he was meant to be,
he'd find the one with whom he'd spend eternity.

So he let her go, for now, to enrich his life
and no longer be consumed with strife.
He would build for her, a man of success - his future flame deserved the best.

To Corolla, he would go,
and after that year's coming snow,
he'd go to Asheville to become great -
but this was not the plan of Fate.

He met her in his twenty forth year,
he'd let the Dream go and forsook his fear
of never finding his soul twin.
It was time for him to begin again.

They say there are things that can't be found
by searching stars or covering ground.
Only when you let go,
does the universe, these treasures show.

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This Poems Story

Originally written for my girlfriend, this story briefly summarizes my backpacking journey through all of Kane County, Utah in the summer of 2017. I had gone there to pursue a reoccurring dream, and found instead, answers to what I wanted to accomplish in life. Once the trip was almost at it's end, I had come to understand that I hadn't been led there to find my soulmate, but rather to start anew with a fresh perspective on life so that I could begin bettering myself for a life of happiness and success - physical and spiritual wealth - and to be a man deserving of someone that hopeless romantics only dream of. When I arrived at my temporary destination - Corolla, NC - to prepare to move to Asheville the following year, I met my roommate, who ended up being everything I'd dreamed of in a human being. The next chapter of my life has begun, and Romania calls to me like a familiar, yet mysterious memory. To the East!