Fine Lines

Where is the line between belief and delusion
Where does it lye
When does a thought become a belief
And a belief a truth

If it has not been proven
Does that mean it is not true
That it is not real
That it does not exist

Where are the lines between delusion and faith
What if it's all a misunderstanding
And you and I are gods children
And we can all heal ourselves and each other

What if the belief of love could save a life
That the thought of hope would get you another day
That our minds were more powerful than any drug
And our hearts open doorways to the infinite divine

The lines between infinite divine and pure obscenity
Are as fine as the context in which you evoke them
Is the belief in pure spirit and soulfulness
A common delusion or a spiritual truth

Can hands heal
Can hearts unite
Can we save ourselves
Can we comprehend all that is

Will we ever know

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