Feel my fingerpaint glide across your skin
Feel my fingerpaint take away your pain and cleanse your sins
Now close your eyes and slowly count to ten
Take a deep breath, then do it again
Feel my fingerpaint make the world spin
See my reflection in my brother, my twin
Hearts attack till romantic reds are streaked with black
I hide deep in the shadows trying to streak it back
Feel my fingerpaint, hold the weight
For when the mind is great then the soul will create
but when the mind blows straight out the window
The rain illuminates the colors to the perfect rainbow
Captivate and electrify your mind
Watch my finger paint disappear and freeze with time
Feel my blue heart shimmer your body in gold
Red, pink, yellow, and purple flamingos
Shoot out my finger tips, onto this canvas of heart
Retracing my beauty, reading your body like brail
It is a pleasure knowing
This art is not for sale

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