Crestfallen I write this letter
I spit out my feelings
Hoping to get better
I'm thrown out in the frost
In the jungle alone and lost

I'm drowning on a huge tide
My heart is infested with pain I hide
Like raindrops , my tears fall
Like a reptile , I crawl
My heart shelters grudges and hate
You try to heal me , it's late

I gave the people I trusted
The love and support they needed
Now I'm the one they call a foe
I regret ever trusting before
I had no tough life , had a tragedy
I couldn't live it wisely, needed strategy.

So I point the gun onto my head
Regretting decisions I made
I'm not killing myself ,
I'm freeing myself
from this prison called Earth
Why live if it's not worth

Truth is I'm alive yet not living
Within my chest , heart is itching
I've lost dreams I was chasing
So let this be a good ending .

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Key Words : Finis,Msizi03

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This Poems Story

The poem is about someone , an introvert person with grudges.He never had before but that resulted from the betrayal of him by the people closest to him.He gave them love but they ended up despising him. He ends up taking his own life.