By Clyde   

I see fire in your eyes, flames that burn the pages of my memories.
I forget the pain and for that moment I am not cold hearted.
The flames defrost my soul and remind me to follow my destiny.
Still the heat is untamed and now I don't know how to stop this fire I started.

The heat melts away my pain, but also my feelings leaving me emotionless.
I can't stop my body from burning for you and I feel so alone.
I'm sweating from the flames and the walls I've built to protect myself are useless.
I'm vulnerable even in this temple I once called home.

The fire doesn't care, it engulfs everything in its path.
Leaving nothing ,but scorched earth destroying me in my entirety.
But who am I to think I could escape your flames and all there wrath.
Now I'm standing here unable to regain my own sanity.

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    This Poems Story

    I wrote this one day at a bonfire outside my home.