A fire burns inside my soul,
One not all can see.
What most don’t understand is that
This fire is what makes me… me.

It starts a single piece of wood,
The first injustice I faced.
As more and more happens to me,
More and more wood is placed.

It continues to pile as time goes on,
And I keep it buried inside.
No one seems to notice
The emotions I’m trying to hide.

I seem to have no more space for wood,
It’s all been buried deep.
The next injustice will strike a match,
Upon the overwhelming heap.

This match sets me aflame,
I cannot hide anymore.
Everything I’ve kept contained,
Finally escapes from my core.

The fire will slowly burn to ash,
As everything is let go.
I won’t let it hurt anymore,
The tears will just simply flow.

But the ash will never disappear,
In my heart it will always remain.
The core of my soul has
Been forever stained.

As new fires come,
The memories stay.
I try hard to forget,
How I felt on those days.

Life will go on,
And I’ll find my part
But the experiences I’ve had
Will change my heart.

I’ll learn to control
This soul that’s a fire.
Everything I’ve fought for,
Will take me higher.

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