Fire and Frustration

My blood is boiling with frustration
No ease in sight no compensation
The answer to an unsolvable problem
The fire line inside the conundrum

The answer I seek will save my life
But may take my life instead
I pray it won't I don't want to be dead
With all I've done and all I've said

My life drawn thin as thin as a piece of fragile thread
Frustration so intense the wrong decision can leave me dead
As the time is ticking away and I see my life fading
Think back on my life's decisions I look to all those eyes conveying

Looking to all sides trying to find where to draw the line
Looking left looking right looking for a hopeful sign
The fire my head getting so intense
Holding my head trying to make sense

My face turning red and my blood starts to boil
The only vision I see is me looking down at the soil
A sudden shock of panic hits me alas my plans are foiled
I fall to the ground in pieces crying invisible tears

Showing all my fatal flaws exposing all my fears
Buried in the fires of confusion
I give up my life is one big disillusion

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This Poems Story

I've been writing poetry for many years. It's something I love to do. I believe poetry allows you to be creative. Poetry is a great therapeutic tool. Everyone should feel the need to express themselves in a positive way. I was born in Brooklyn, NY, but raised in Queens. Many of my works come from personal experiences. I'm the fifth of five sons raised by the best mother anyone could ask for; in that way I am truly blessed. I hope to be an inspiration to my son Ryan whom I love with all my heart.