Fire & Ice

Ice was cold yesterday
Now hot today
Being unique in it’s own way
They say
The world is a beautiful place
Where flowers grow
And in the winter it snows
Only to find out it’s not all it’s cracked out to be
Every day we wake up to see
The sun is shining
the day is bright
It’s just right
Until we have to put up a fight
To protect what we thought was perfect
We have to fight like fire and ice
To bring back that light
On a winter night
It’s not light
It fills the air
Until the ice has gone
Too soon
The fire is prune
It rages in the night
Neighbors are sleeping
No child is weeping
Everything is calm
Crystal clear
Until we wake up to hear
The silent sound of smoke filling the air
It’s not fair!
All our hopes and dreams
Are gone
Like the food we ate for dinner
Amazing and still satisfying
Now everything is dying
And no one could stop it
No one could drop it to stop to think
Of top of their heads
Now they dread their decision
No more precision
Our neighborhood has turned into a mess we can’t clean up
The world we once thought we could trust
It was perfect
And now we realize it those thoughts weren’t worth it
No more perfect days
Silent lullabies
Mommy hears your cries and runs to the rescue
To rescue
Her child in the night
Burning bright
It’s all gone
Just in one night
Chaotic hustle
No one can trust you
Their lives are gone
Just when we thought we had it all
Like fire and ice
It ranges through the night
Only a few can survive
And thrive
Friends and family are gone
We realize were wrong

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This Poems Story

This poem was written by my in my 8th grade Modern Clasics class at Metro Early College Middle School. We were supposed to write something about a story that was assigned to us. My story was a scenario that said; What if you were the only person left that survived in your city that was burned down by a fire. And I wrote my story based upon that.