Fire To Water

Sparks start fires for the wild,
spread faster than water in the Nile.
Flame in the mind set the world on fire,
like a dragon I smoke it even God's call me sire.
People around say I'm a king douse them in holy water,
wear the crown bitches on their knees make my dick wetter.
Mary makes me wiser gets me higher than fame,
all these people call me fake it's all part of the game.
Spreadin fire make sure these niggas burn,
niggas beside em make sure water there to turn.
I'm the hottest motherfucker might as well say I'm on fire,
I don't need goddamn water I'm the newest messiah.
My name is Deashon and I'ma murder you niggas,
Laid Back Kings I'm squeezin them triggas.
When I came around they say I'm the Devil,
cause my eyes are blood red and they ain't on my level.
I'm sittin in this class and they swear that I'm evil,
I have enough money to reverse what you sayin.
Now I'm too live for the LBK,
and my homies over there wanna send me away.
Cause I killed them, now them niggas on fire,
couldn't douse em if you sprayed em with cold water.
I'm a heartless nigga when it comes to the business,
I leave em so retarded they ain't even witness.
Sky covered with flame cause I set it on fire,
ground covered with smoke cause it ended up cryin.
My name is Deashon they call me YounG D,
I swear to God the top is where I'll be.
Lookin down on them with fire in my eyes,
water in they hand I burn straight through they disguise.

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