The firefighters life is one big mystery,
At any moment he could be history.
The firefighter, however, is not a timid man,
He is the one who creates the escape plan.

He has short brown hair and bright blue eyes,
With a personality of a likable guy.
His shoulders are always perfectly aligned,
Even when he is in a bad frame of mind.

To many he is known as captain,
Because he anticipates everything that may happen.
Although he is not the tallest guy,
He is still the attention of the publics eye.

He usually smells like sweat and rubber,
Due to all the pressure that he is under.
He only wears red and black,
Even when his uniform is not on his back.

He has been recognized for his extreme bravery,
And has never done anything unsavory.
His speed is both fast and favorable,
And his focus is also unbreakable.

He cares about others more then himself,
And is even admired by those full of themselves.
The firefighter is an all around swell guy,
Which I tell you is not a lie.

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