Entering in,
I didn't imagine that it would be like this.
The screams for help make me tremble.
I try to save all that I can.
It's too late now.
Skin dark and broken.
Floor falls and windows explode,
Echoes of the thousands inside including me.
Horror is happening before my dead eyes.
People falling in red flames
That age their skin eating it as it goes.
The roar of the fire, so powerful it shakes the floor,
The screams grow.
It covers the sounds of the helpless,
I can tell now I'm at a dead end.
My pain is almost gone.
My skin gone.
Hair is ashes.
Nothing left to me.
Explosions go off from every area
I look out and I'm engulfed in the chokehold of the smoke.
Flames creep their way up my body
Everything left of me goes with it.
My breath goes into the flame.
And I'm okay with it.

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