The stars in the night sky glitter tauntingly as she stands on the edge.
The water below lap and the dark edged figures believed to be rocks.
The air called her name as she looked up, down, and forward.
Just staring at the horizon
She slowly turns and her eyes cry out as she looks around,
They scream out help,
But there is not a being in sight.
She closes her eyes as tears stream down her face.
She reminisces of the few happy memories she can muster.
The ones that kept her going.
She crumbled to the ground as she thinks,
Of him, of her.
She has always wanted to fly,
To touch the sky,
To be a firefly,
To have a light to shine on the darkest of nights.
But she could never be that bright.
She crawled to the edge desperately,
And then she flew.
And her dreams become true.

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