Fireman’s Journey

To the brave one who spent his life saving others

Making sure they were safe so they can sleep tightly under the covers

Defending and fighting to save lives was his life's mission

Selfless acts for his community was his noble decision

Loved by so many William will be missed a great deal

The love he showed to his community has forever been sealed

Battling to extinguish flames every day and every night

The fire in his heart was always burning so bright

Giving him the strength and fortitude to do what's right

The lives he saved are a testament to the good life he lived

His daughter will grow and praise her father as he showed what a wonderful role model is

With hands, high in the air we show our love for William praising him to show we care

As In heaven being watched over by Saint Florian the patron saint of firefighters

Looking down seeing the ones he loves

A new guardian angel was born to watch over the ones he cares for as he comes as a soaring white dove

William will forever be in the hearts and memories of his loved ones for many years to come

The lives William touched will leave an indelible mark on each of their souls

A safe caring place to shield, love, to have and to hold

William did his duty proudly and did not die in vain

William left a mark, a bearing of standards as a proud stain

Never to be washed away but forever to be admired from near or far away

To William Tolley a dedicated hero we thank you

Dedicated To

Firefighter William Tolley of Ladder 135 Engine 286

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