Fireside Reverie

When did I lose them -- Where did they go --
These things I remember as a soft fire glows?
My early days, my springtime, left so far behind --
Comes quietly returning as memories unwind.

Circus days and Sundays, spotted pups and Mondays,
A summer breeze, some Christmas trees, a sad day in November.
Quiet nights and rivers, some takers and some givers,
Playing tag with all the kids, movie stars on ice cream lids,
A Mother's love, a wounded dove, are things that I remember.

Did I ever own them? were they ever mine?
Or does the fire play tricks on me at this point in time?
Many magic yesterdays, in the fire glow,
Just dance on through my reverie and help the memories grow.

Fresh mown grass and kittens, Superman and mittens,
Country stores and school yard fights, fuzzy worms and broken kites,
And cousins without number.
A child next door, when I moved away, stole my heart another day.
The firelight and memories give life to ample fantasies
To last through my December.

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