Fireworks And Lies

Your dull knife is trying to kill me
Nothing is finding me
Nothing is working
Sell your fireworks & lies to all of us
No im not for sale
This demon inside of me is collapsing
You are the devil of human beings
Some things we cannot erase
But this is my only chance i can change
Bring us to our knees
Im so used to this pain
It is like the air i breathe
The water i drink
Keep stabbing me with your dull knife
I will always stand up
I will always fall down
The oath i found inside of me is alive
Listen to our voices
This is our sound
Love is the music to our ears
Thus our love for you is out of pity
Our love for us is real
This is becoming who i am
Drag me to my bones and nothing else
As long as i have my friends i will live
Everything you have given me is a lie
So take this dagger and turn it on yourself
You are the beast im afraid of living
You and him are always by my side
Forever living
Always dying with me
Changing every single day with you
So take this dagger and keep it for yourself
You will need it im sure
There will be and end
You will not save me
I have my spaceship to fly me out of this alive
Let the trees of life bring me roots to reach out to people
Let the air of life bring me the voice to say what i say
Let the life of life bring me the eyes i see to see
& the devil to come and bring me to my knees
Because this is what has made me
So come along my friend
& sell me fireworks & lies
You and him are always by my side
Living every single day we have together
Until the final end of our ride
Thus our love for you is out of pity
Show me the way home
In steady lines

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