Firey Linings

Validation defines me,
Rejection unwinds me.
Self-loathing so blinding the mole hill I'm climbing fades away-now i cant find me.
She met death untimely, you hear that alot.
My birth was untimely.
My unwilling plight was delivered that night to wage wars that seem tiny. Conspiracies manufactured by the powers that might be to unravel, confuse, torture, and smite me.
Each battle ends in a plume of smoke. Spiraling.
Lost in its shroud I lick my wounds quietly.
Safe for the time being,
Bleeding but smiling,
Black blue but shining, the clouds start to part- revelations, silver linings. Wreckage lines the streets of the journey behind me.
Fight the good fight?
Theres no good from what I see but i fight the fight back when it fights me. Shrapnel lodged in my psyche.
Like a hit single track that repeats just to spite me.
Play to the end then rewind please. Silver linings beguiling,
Fire meets gasoline.
It ignites and consumes the false hope left inside me.
Taunting my naive.
Flames mesmerize me.
At the end of the tunnel is thunder and lightning,
Guess I misunderstood what the meaning of light means.

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