Firm Grasp – letter to thyself

How do you run from something that surrounds you entirely,
while trying not to drown inside your own mind?
Is there a way to run, or do you just accept that insanity is just a breath away?
Do you accept that at the end of the day It will never go away or is it eventually gonna subside as long as you keep pushing it away?
Pushing it away, but how do you see it?
You can’t it’s an mirage, because this thing, this monster is just standing in your way between sanity and insanity,
So continue to push, even if it doesn’t work it can still have the effects of if you were.
How long will it be with you, how long will it stay?
Will it break your soul or make your body decay?
Where the stench will make people keep their distance from your lifeless corpse,
People refuse to accept it and to reject you, but why tho?
Why do people fear their Insanity?
Questions, Questions and even more Questions,
The answers feel so distant from us, but why is this?
Your mind constantly takes these questions and tries to produce the best answers it can possibly make up,
but while your mind gets filled with all this It’s like a supernova that you fear and try to prevent its collapse.

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