First Anniversary

A kiss from your lips stole my heart away,
A love so deep, a story so sweet.
I hold your hand in disbelief, the woman of my dreams,
Right beside me.

I continue to fall over and over like a raging waterfall,
I can't catch my breath.
You steal the secrets from my soul.
I am reckless and wild, an abandon of quiet, I can't resist.

An inner desire that craves your taste and yearns your touch,
I await our moments and treasure our memories.
The sound of your voice, calms my fears and ignites my fire,
an endless burn that grows stronger each day.

I chase you like the wind, racing to get to you.
You can make my world stop.
Rings that bind, hearts intertwine, mind rewinds, all you.

I will bury your fears and chase your dreams,
song lyrics meant for you and me.
Amongst the busyness, I feel your love, like a loud heartbeat.
A love song that never ends.

When in doubt, I look to you
When in fear, I look to you
When I'm happy, I look to you
For all things, I look to you, stare at you and find me.

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