First Dance

A touch on the back,
A touch on the shoulder —
Each touch followed another,
Like we were feeling each other,

In the land of the unknown,
Amid nowhere,
Waves hammered the painted metals
That we stood on,
And rushed that stranger
Whom took hold of my hand.
Warmth caressed our bodies
When he stepped in.
Legs locked and made love
Even before I knew it.

Then, I was guided
By the pharaoh of Brazil, of Argentina,
Wherever dance of the heated nights belong to.
It mattered not if I allowed my eyes to examine;
There was nothing to see,
But all to feel.
Light and lighter,
A sway to the right, a sway to the left
Made me fly.
Listening awakened me
To the beating of our footsteps.

Perhaps the leathered chairs, the dotted carpet,
People — drunken onlookers might disappear,
I thought (for a turn of me,
and a turn of him
took me away).
He took me away.
I danced and I loved.
I had been trapped
Among the clouds in heaven.

I called him over;
We stepped together,
One-two-three, on an angle.
On the edge of reality,
Words were dry and dissonant.
Thus, we bonded universally.
I whispered, inaudibly,
‘Am I holding a lone swan?’

I quarrelled with time,
More and more,
I quarrelled with the music
Which held our future,
Which pitied me
And so gave me
A last shot of his heat.

Then, arms dropped.
I was alone once more.
I wasn’t ready
To be the prey of the night.
I wasn’t ready for his flight.

The wind had cleared the clouds away.
Waves sang the lullaby
Of the native sea man.
Then, I knew so well;
He was a star that I could hold
(in another world,
the light had never dimmed for us).
Because his scent had sank deep under my skin,
And rested in my heart.

I was possessed that night,
By one who’s name I did not even knew.
So he shall be enchanted too, by me.
I swore to hold him again the next day.
Anything —
The salsa, the samba, the cha cha —
Anything would do for me.

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