First Date

She was nervous

Finger sweating, breath shaking, face twitchingly nervous

He was nervous

Multiple changing, hand shaking, voice crackingly nervous

Deep breath, remain calm.

He was late

Lost in google maps, was warned but didn't listen, he was nervous

She was late

Still finding an outfit, and spraying perfume, she was nervous

She was slouched

In the theatre, sinking into the seats, still nervous

He was slouched

In pain, aching back but wanting to close the gap, still nervous

He saw her hand

Sprawled open on her lap, ready for taking, maybe she’s shaking, is she nervous?

She saw his hand

So close yet so far away, just out of reach, why won’t he take it, is he nervous?

She took a sharp breath and he took his chance,

No longer nervous.

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by true events.