First day

By SyvnD   

Then there was. Then after all became.
The sun rouse up,to brighten the black of the night.
The seed will sprout, and roots will dig. To all life will abound.
The water warms AND filters up to cushion the sky's with pillows of soft white purity that only the sun can being.
The trees feel the sun and nourish on the rays that will nourish all.
Green fields thrive with morning dew,life strive for the moist underside of peddle , just openings in the blanket of warmth .
The natural calm is only for a moment, soon the giants with the steel and the energy rip from the grave will make their journey to their birth to the grave and be the combustion of a future race.
Still this virus speads,but will only affect it self. The seed willsprout, the rain will fall.
Before long, the sun will grow tired in the sky. Slowly tucking it self into the blanket of sea.
The wind will stir, the ocean well heave to blanket the setting sun.
All will quite to the symphony of chirp at the end of time.
Now a blanket of stars cover the Earth, the moon light brings calm.
Peace for know, till the next first day.

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This Poems Story

I was thinking of the survival of the earth inspite of man.