First day of Summer

Dear world wide diary
It's been a shitty start to summer
First, my dog ran off on day one
It was 100 degrees
But she was in heat
So let's make it 110 degrees

I found her a mile away
Chillin with a street mutt

Ha ha ha
Isn't that so typical?
For humans even.

Day 2
I called the vet
Nothing they can do for 2 to 3 weeks
Relaxin...that's the name
Of the pregnancy chemical dogs produce

Other shit happened
I put my brand new sneaker
In dirty sinkhole water
For one

Thinking about it though

My a.c. didn't go out
I found my dog after an hour
Not splattered on the road

That street dog was small
I doubt he "reached"

I got my bills payed
I can afford a.c.
I got a functioning car
I got a career even...maybe

If my dog is pregnant...
I'll remind myself how bright the moon shined on this summer solstice

Forewarning me that it gets better
After it gets worse.

And it ain't that bad.
Ask my dog...she fell asleep
On my to me
I got the vet appointment scheduled.

Shhhhh....the whisper word is

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