First Encounter

The chemical wind sprung itself upon me
Our first meeting I stood, a fragile fool-fifteen
Wandering down a broken road, dread my gown
Blind faith in my own power to carry
The absurd load I heaped onto my shoulders

An unwelcoming odour clung staunch to air
That grew in rapidity, velocity, insanity
Charging forwards as a wind, chemical
To the touch, a chemical wind for which he
Was ravenous-consumed with hunger,
Blind to decency, desperate and yearning
A wind sweeping us up in its arms

Walls I built were swept to dust
Onwards, forwards I was pushed
True, I played at the tornado's edges
Honestly believing I could walk safely
In sunshine-perhaps I wasn't pushed
Perhaps I jumped like a hare ablaze

The momentary exchange lasted days
In the minute hours of the time, marching
Across new fields, wading through rivers
At a rate absurd in its stillness, grating
My porcelain skin as I prayed for peace

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