First Kiss

She trembled at his lightest touch.
As he intertwined his fingers through her scorching, red hair.
Sweet, tender kisses landed swiftly on her lips.
Meanwhile, angels roamed the heavens
glancing down with dreamy eyes at the golden sights,
of the fierce, gentleness human love emanated.
The moonlight illuminated their love
and bathed them in radiating hope of an ever after.
It was the feeling of a rosebud blooming to
welcome the supple rays of the eternally, blistering sun.
His strong hands caressed her face,
smoothing out every imperfection.
A soft, rose tinged her plump, delicate
cheeks with his every heartfelt stroke.
She lay beside him in the misty night, hand-in-hand.
The lovers counted off the twinkles of
the universe, each a desire to drown in the
immense devotion they possessed for each other.
The shimmering rubies warded of the murky,
cold, fear of hearts being shattered.
She gazed into his mysterious, deep,
hazel eyes, kind eyes, smiling back.
Sunsets so flawless, horizons so infinite.
First kisses hatch the seed of passion,
embracing the true meaning of love.

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