First Love

I was nine,
When his eyes first met mine.
The new boy in my class,
Gained my affections fast.
Oh so sweet and very kind,
He was put there for me to find.
Tall and thin with short brown hair,
Fixated on him with my stare.
Shying away, I sneak a peak,
Heart thumping, legs weak.
My cheeks flush,
Trying hard not to blush.
Captain of the football team,
Cheering loudly from the sidelines, I beam.
The happiest times with him at school,
Me acting like a love sick fool.
He finally kissed me one fine day,
I was literally blown away.
He moved far, we split apart,
I was left with a broken heart.
We never really spoke all that much,
Years passed but I'm still in his clutch.

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