First Love

Let's go back to when dreams came true
When for a moment the world was bigger than just us two
Down a hole of despair there was no more falling
Cause for the first time I felt I had answered my calling

As the weeks went by and the numbers rose higher
Life seemed more beautiful as the days were brighter
Then the day came for your debut on the small screen
Ready or not our little one, this was happening

And I just kept praying...

Let there beat heartbeat, let there be a heartbeat
I need to see it
Let there be a heartbeat, let there be a heartbeat
I need to hear it

Then your heartbeat fluttered across the screen
It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen
So when you didn't measure between the lines, it didn't matter

And when thoughts of dread consumed my mind
Then the numbers dove into a steep decline
When their silence was like a warning sign, it didn't matter

Cause my confidence in you led me through the door
Worry and doubt had a place here no more
But this became the last time we would see you clear
Up to heaven you go with love my dear

Now I walk around with a wound so deep
It invades my days and it haunts my sleep
My tears fall in an endless stream
I'm silent on the outside, but inside my heart screams

Pretty flowers sent just for you, you have to look down to see
Although they never met you, they loved you just like me
This is bigger than ice cream, this is stronger than wine
This is a devastating heartbreak, this is gonna take time

You will always be our first love
I can promise you this
You will never be forgotten
You will always be missed

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