First Love, First Heartbreak

My Dearest First Love, I truly believed in my heart, you were the one
We had a sincere connection; we always had laughs and much fun
I never wanted to accept that you were feeding me lies
I never wanted to buy that you were my biggest demise
No matter what anyone told me I gave you the benefit of doubt
No matter what you asked of me, I never let you do without
You always told me I never had anything to worry about
But my instincts told me different and I wanted to shout
We used to make plans of marriage and our future kids
Except cheating is what a exclusive relationship forbids
The real funny thing is, you broke up with blindly faithful me
Even though you were the one doing things I didn't want to see
I was beyond heartbroken and crying endless rivers and oceans
I did not know what to do ... I was going through so many emotions
The absurd idea is I still honestly wanted to be with you
And the bizarre concept is also waited for some time too
Even as time has passed by, I still have a break in heart where you used to be
Most of my heart has healed, but more healing is needed, I would agree
People say time heals all wounds and you will get over it
But I don't think that in all situations that will help one bit
I genuinely wish I never met you, but then again I am glad I did
Because the authentic love I had for you is something I never hid
I sometimes still see you around and you always seem to say hey
I say hey back, but that pain of my first heartbreak never goes away.

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