First Night

The restaurant was bathed in a romantic ambience
And my thoughts were of chivalry and sans prurience
The lucid lights highlighting your beautiful visage
Like someone paying a da Vinci painting an homage
Staring into your big brown eyes, I see what had been
Hours earlier, lying on the bed beside you, such a scene
Our bodies locked in a passionate embrace
As I gazed at and beheld your beautiful face
Every sweet kiss I plant on your tender lips is reciprocated
And my fingers trace along your skin with fondness stated
My heart swells in concert with yours
The partner meant to be whom affection lures

Now here we sit in this restaurant, sanguine and genial
Engaged in the conversational and the prandial
I would protract these moments and make them endless
And be by your side in a stance timeless
Between forkfuls, I steal glances at your countenance
Beholding the features that grant you prominence
I recognized that I would be forever hooked
So I turned to you and whispered how beautiful you looked

And then you tilted your head
Gazed at me, and smiled

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