First Step

I stop, I stare.
The air is still,
I hear nothing but my own thoughts,
I feel as if I am looking through a window.
What is and what could be,
What I am and who I want to be,
Where I have been and where I am going,
The sensation of being lost fills my heart.
I feel alone, forgotten and unwanted,
The drops of my sorrow fall unnoticed,
I am invisible to all around me,
No one sees my pain or cares.
Finally realization dawns clearly as the morning sun,
I am my own villain,
My own demon,
Chains that hold me were formed by my own fears.
I see the storm and know I must give chase,
My dreams are waiting and I am through stalling,
Through with the worries and guessing,
I am finally going towards my beginning and my end.
I am following the footsteps of my ancestors,
It is truth revealed and fate discovered,
Destiny is no longer a passing thought,
The fear is gone and I take the first step on my path.

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