First Teenage Love

My first love left the deepest imprints on my heart
From the start, Cupid told me love would tear me apart
Used to walk and talk on the beach, used to preach love
Now I'm sitting on my windowsill hoping to will for love again
Maybe I'd move on, if he was just my friend
I can't move, shake, or bend
I've lend my heart
It is stolen forever
Never will I find it again
On my ship, I'm only the sailor
He's the anchor that keeps pulling me back
The sea transformed from shiny blue to bitter black
I begin to lack the qualities of a lover
I don't want to touch, hug, or kiss
This entails the list of being a teenage lover
First and last love, please come back
If you never do, promise I'll be stronger too
First love, first time, first fall, I begin to crawl
Like a baby, I will grow eventually
Walk to my destination unknown, on my own
Journeys of a broken hearted girl

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