First time

By Juana   

I grabbed a pen I grabbed a paper
but I ain't a writer
I searched for words I refreshed some thoughts
I managed few lines
but I ain't a writer
There was a time I wanted to fly
I thought I got wings I set myself free
I set on a heart found it beating
I thought it's the most mesmerising
I was soaring because I thought this is
what for I was thinking
I fetched the love but fetched the pain
I saw those faces my heart now wailing
I rose to cliff I landed in a pit
I tried but I failed
As I ain't a writer
I gave everything expected just a thing
That was my fate I finally forgived
I summarised my feelings
I declared infinitely
those moments will always be
cherished for me
Putting up phrases is not my skill
I tried few lines
but I ain't a writer.

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