Fisherman\'s life

Old time fisherman, his life on the sea
a working mans life, yet a life so free

The chirping sounds of hunger
fill the vacant air with glee,
an invitation to wander out
in the glassy morning sea

with hovering seagulls
foraging for food
the old time fisherman does the same,
in a quieting tranquil mood

His hands are calloused,
his aged face weathered,
though his body’s not as strong
his spirit is bettered
by this life he leads
his need to feed
those who’ve never wandered.

There’s sincerity in his squinting eyes
as he tells of his sea bound quests
a typical type of fish tale
embellished for his guests.

But his stories are true,
exaggerated or not
‘cause that’s what he has
deep in his heart;

Romantic dreams of a sailor’s sea
it’s the fisherman’s life, a life set free.

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