Fishing Dreams

I was drifting along in my fourteen foot boat,
Falling slowly asleep cause I'd given up hope.
There weren't any fish at least any round me,
So I slowly kept drifting on out to the sea.
I was really passed out with the pole in my hand,
Never giving a thought of the fish I would land.
With one jerk I was landing them right and then left,
There was so darn many I was all out of breath.
I woke myself screaming, "look at this one", I said,
rubbed my eyes looked around to the edge of the bed.
You'd laughed yourself silly if you'd seen my room,
Cause there sat my bath robe propped up with the broom.
Guess I'd used it sailing with a lump in my throat,
And I guess that my bed in itself was the boat.
Cause there to my left, from the drawer I had took,
And ripped up my underwear to bait up the hook.
Then at last there they were all the fish I had caught,
To my right in a pile was my t-shirts and socks.

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