Fishing for Brookies

Getting up early, rise and shine!
Going ice fishing, got to make it on time.
You make the coffee and we’ll be fine.
I think I love you.
Talking so much, we miss the turn.
Really doesn’t matter, we’ll discern.
You double back, while we laugh and learn.
I think I love you.
Ten mile hike doesn’t seem so long.
I follow your tracks while humming a song.
The days so perfect, nothing will go wrong.
I think I love you.
You find the spot and auger a hole.
I try to help, but it’s not my role.
I don’t mind, cause turning takes a toll.
I think I love you.
You catch one, then I catch five.
Brookies are coming like bees to a hive.
Fingers are freezing, but happy to be alive.
I think I love you.
Heading on back, diamonds in the snow.
Suns shining bright and our cheeks are aglow.
Eight brookies in the bag, we’re happy to know.
I think I love you.
Frying up fish in our little kitchen.
Life’s so good, there’s nothing that’s missing.
Just happy we’re together, my hearts singing,
I know I love you.

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